什么是真正的血拼?今天Toronto Star上登的关于一群人抢衣服的盛况。英文原文和Yahoo翻译。似乎Yahoo翻译大段文字比Google要稍好点,虽然都很白痴。

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Shoppers go wild for H&M's Matthew Williamson collection
Shopping became a no-holds-barred contact sport yesterday morning at the H&M Eaton Centre store as normally civilized shoppers turned into aggressive combatants, fighting tooth and lacquered nail for designs from the Matthew Williamson collection – the latest collaboration between the Swedish retailer and a brand-name designer.
As the collection was unveiled at the same hour worldwide, the Star clocked the mayhem in Toronto, from the angry hair pulling to the nasty name calling as frenzied consumers went to battle over chiffon and sequins.
1 a.m.
H&M staff finish stocking racks and hanging banners for the 10 a.m. opening. There are 400 items allotted for the Eaton Centre store – belts, clutch purses, leather jackets, gowns and ruffled chiffon dresses.
4 a.m.
Three friends, one girl and two guys arrive in line. One of the guys has a list provided by his wife: "The peacock dress is the number one priority!"
4:30 a.m.
A woman and young man (he is the boyfriend of her daughter) arrive after driving about 200 km from Stirling, Ont. They are shopping for the daughter, who is in Calgary and unable to attend the Eaton Centre storming. Her instructions: "Whatever you can get."
5:30 a.m.
Three Mississauga students scope the store's layout through the glass doors and come up with strategy. One will go left, the other right and the third straight ahead to the accessories table.
"You have to have a group strategy and you can't be too greedy," says one. "You have to decide what is the most important piece you want," says another. "I want the blue suit but the jacket is on one side and the pant is on the other side of the department. There is no chance of me getting both if I was alone."
7:50 a.m.
The people in the line-up in Starbucks across the street wonder why there's a line-up outside H&M.
9:14 a.m.
An H&M staffer walks up and down the line explaining the rules: Each customer is allowed a maximum two items of each style. Guy from Stirling, Ont., is concerned about the order the sizes are lined up on the rack. "Are the smalls in front with the larges behind?" he asks, already aware that every second will count.
9:25 a.m.
Stephen Thompson (one of the few people willing to give his name) is an outsider here. He is neither fashionista nor frequent shopper – in fact, he owns a construction company. He has driven from Mississauga for the love of his wife: She has instructed him to get the tunic top she saw on a recent episode of Cityline, even drawn him a helpful picture.
No one tells him he is too far back in the line. No one tells him it is hopeless.
9:30 a.m.
Staff counts 80 people in the line-up.
9:45 a.m.
The store manager gathers his 45-member staff, all dressed in colourful T-shirts. The excitement intensifies. The line outside shuffles two steps forward. Another crowd gathers at the other side entrance, either mistakenly or misguidedly thinking they will somehow jump the throng at the front doors.
9:54 a.m.
The store manager leads the staff in a pep talk. There are cheers and clapping. Even I am gripped by the fever, squelching the urge to utter, "Gimme an H, gimme an M."
9:59 a.m.
The countdown starts. 10, 9, 8 ... and seconds later, security opens the doors. Bedlam ensues. Now I'm terrified. I hate any kind of mob scene.
10 a.m.
People grab merchandise indiscriminately – by the armloads. First guy from the line-up with his wife's laundry list has an armful of stuff. "I got everything but I think I have all the wrong sizes," he says.
10:01 a.m.
The pace accelerates to warp speed. A rack of army green leather jackets is empty and someone is stripping the dress off a mannequin.
10:02 a.m.
Two minutes after opening, the cash registers ring in the first item of the day, a short abstract print chiffon dress. Seconds later the racks are bare. Only four print chiffon dresses and five grey T-shirts with butterfly prints are left – the wisdom of crowds seems to be saying these few designs are not winners. Someone gets into a shouting match with a pregnant woman over the blue peacock print dress. In the shouter's defence, it must be said that the woman's pregnancy was concealed beneath the armload of clothes she held to her chest.
10:03 a.m.
Things get physical between the two. This time the shouter pulls the pregnant woman's hair before storming off. Pregnant woman shouts: "Oh no, you did not just pull my hair!" Hair puller responds: "Well, you scratched me first." I edge toward the security guard.
10:09 a.m.
A group of women are found huddled in the store's menswear department, bartering their pile of items. "I'll trade you this belt for that bag."
10:20 a.m.
The sales clerk regales me with the story of a woman who emerged from a fitting room in a leather jacket asking, "Does this fit me?" A group of girls waiting in line respond on cue: "No, it looks ugly and it does not fit you!"
10:22 a.m.
A woman who has just arrived looks in bewilderment at the empty racks, "Are you not getting any more in?"
10:23 a.m.
People return to the lone rack of abstract print dresses and grey T-shirts. They remain unwanted.
10:30 a.m.
Staff paste a sign on the store's window announcing part two of the Matthew Williamson collection will hit stores May 14.

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购物在H&M Eaton中心商店作为通常文明的顾客把变成积极的战斗员,战斗牙昨天早晨成为了一个没有举行禁止的身体接触项目并且上漆了设计的钉子从马修Williamson汇集-在瑞典零售商和品牌设计师之间的最新的合作。
H&M职员结束长袜机架和上午10点开头的垂悬的横幅。 有为Eaton中心商店定量的400个项目-传送带、传动器钱包,皮夹克、褂子和被翻动的薄绸的礼服。
三个朋友、一个女孩和二个人在线到达。 其中一个人安排一张名单提供由他的妻子: “孔雀礼服是第一优先考虑!”
妇女和年轻人(他是她的女儿的男朋友)在驾驶大约200 km以后到达从Stirling, Ont。 他们购物女儿,在卡尔加里和无法出席Eaton中心猛冲。 她的指示: “什么您能得到”。
三家Mississauga学生范围商店的布局通过玻璃门和产生战略。 一将走左,另一权利和三径直向前辅助部件桌。
“您必须有小组战略,并且您不可能是太贪婪的”,一说。 “您必须决定什么是您要的最重要的片断”,说别的。 “我想要蓝色衣服,但是夹克在一边,并且气喘在部门的另一边。 没有得到两个的机会的我,如果我是单独的”。
走在线上下解释规则的H&M职员: 每名顾客提供每样式最大二个项目。 从Stirling, Ont的人。,关注大小在机架排队的命令。 “是在前面的小与后边larges ?” 他要求,已经知道每秒钟将计数。
斯蒂芬・汤普森(愿的很少人之一给他的名字)在局外人这里。 他不是fashionista和频繁顾客-实际上,他拥有一家建筑公司。 他从他的妻子爱的Mississauga驾驶: 她指示他得到她在Cityline一个最近情节看的长袍上面,甚而被画他一张有用的图片。
没人告诉他他是太在线的远的后面。 没人告诉他它是绝望的。
商店经理会集他的45成员职员,所有打扮在五颜六色的T恤杉。 兴奋增强。 线外部拖曳二个进步。 另一人群错误地聚集在另一个侧门,或引入歧途认为他们将莫名其妙地跳人群在前门。
商店经理带领鼓励性讲话的职员。 有欢呼和拍手。 我由热病夹住,压制敦促说出, “Gimme H, gimme M.”
读秒开始。 10, 9, 8…和几秒后,安全打开门。 混乱接着而来。 现在我害怕。 我恨任何暴民场面。
人不加区别劫掠商品-由armloads。 从联盟的第一个人与他的妻子的详细的清单有一一抱材料。 “我得到了一切,但是我认为我有所有错误大小”,他说。
步幅加速翘曲速度。 军队绿色皮夹克机架是空的,并且某人剥离礼服时装模特。
二分钟在打开以后,收款机在天的第一项,一件短的抽象印刷品薄绸的礼服敲响。 几秒后机架是光秃的。 仅四件印刷品薄绢礼服和与蝴蝶印刷品的五件灰色T恤杉被留下-人群智慧似乎说这些少量设计不是优胜者。 某人进入与一名孕妇的一次呼喊的比赛在蓝色孔雀印刷品礼服。 在叫喊者的防御,必须说妇女的怀孕在她拿着对她的胸口衣裳之下的armload被隐瞒了。
事得到物理在二之间。 这次叫喊者在猛冲之前拉扯孕妇的头发。 孕妇呼喊: “哦没有,您仅没有拉扯我的头发!” 头发制帽工人反应: “很好,您首先抓了我”。 我渐近往治安警卫。
在商店的男服部门寻找一个小组妇女被挤作一团,以货易货他们的堆项目。 “我为那个袋子将换您这条传送带”。
销售善写款待我有从要求的皮夹克的一个试装间涌现妇女的故事的, “做这适合我?” 在队里等待一个小组的女孩在暗示反应: “没有,它看起来丑恶,并且它不适合您!”
有到达的神色在迷惑在空的机架的妇女, “是您没得到?”
人回归到抽象印刷品礼服和灰色T恤杉孤立机架。 他们保持不需要。

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